IBIS Training - Career Prerequisites

'Easier for our Clients, and Safer for their Colleagues'

We trade on trust, quality and our renowned customer service. We're person focused and so we aim to develop and help careers flourish with continuous professional development in all roles. We focus on forward-thinking, friendly, solution focused people who naturally strive to exceed their roles and skills.

All positions require flexibility, organisation and a customer/growth focused drive. We operate internationally through our Partner Network, and so, all our staff must be comfortable & thrive working with diverse cultures and personalities.

We have a distributed operations model, with staffed offices in London (Head Office), Essex, Isle of Wight and work closely with our international partners. Some roles are remotely operated so familiarity with the use of modern technology and cloud services is required.

We may take some time to respond to applications.

Job Opportunities

We (and our customers) love eccentric, positive and flexible people.

Author - Remote

Join our team of expert authors to add your health & safety or industry specific related speciality to our line-up. Education communication skills required, exceptional writing and course planning skills required, working closely with course development technicians, software developers, illustrator and other authors.

Linux System Administrator - Remote or London, UK

Contractual/on-call. Solution focused positive person comfortable working with others is a huge priority. Required skills/knowledge: Server stack management, cloud infrastructure, NoSQL database knowledge, Linux Server (debian family) administration, cloud management (apache, bash, cron etc), load balancing, DNS, backups, migrations, high availability set-ups, automation, scaling, CDN's and emergency procedures.

Administration & Bookkeeping - Remote, Isle of Wight or Essex, UK

We are after someone with admin and business finance experience, working with accountants, financial management team and the operations management personnel. This role includes; book keeping (Xero), sales processing and administration functions such as billing, expenses and resourcing.

  • Position Filled

Medical & Care Business Development Manager - London & Essex, UK

Medical & recruitment focused experience preferable - helping to grow and develop our care and medical customer base. This role requires excellent and dynamic personality for face-to-face meetings with medical agencies and care organisations. Involves travelling, relationship building and decision making.

Social Marketing - London, UK

Contractor/Consultant/Remote. Advanced social marketing and PR experience required. Involves social media campaigns, basic photography, customer relations, working closely with marketing and management staff to promote brand image, maintain company/personnel accounts and ignite relations. Mainly working with YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Hootsuite.

Illustrator Artist - Remote or London, UK

Working with course development staff to visualise and help engage trainees with sometimes complicated subjects in a familiar style with basic animation.

  • Position Filled

Sales & Support Agent - Essex, UK

We are after sales & support agents, heavily customer facing activities split between sales and responding to existing customer support (1st, 2nd or 3rd level support). Exceptional conversational skills for using a phone and chat/ticket support system. Energy and a friendly can-do attitude is key here! Excellent career advancement opportunities.

Course Development Technician - Remote or London, UK

Experience in elearning not specifically necessary, but highly developed education communication skills are. Design and organisational project management skills.

  • Position Filled

Developer (Front-end) - Remote or London, UK

Contractual/Part-time. Experience with e-commerce solutions, familiar with SEO and tailoring an existing UI platform for specific targeted markets for commerce & EOU optimisation. Working closely with Back-end Devs, Marketing, SEO and Support staff.

Developer (Back-end) - London, UK

Although rarely customer facing, a solution focused positive person comfortable working with others is still a huge priority. This role involves majority PHP & BASH, with limited Python and C++ backend development, NoSQL database knowledge, basic Linux Server (debian family) usage, optimisation, API's and an understanding of front-end operations HTML, JS, CSS etc and an appreciation for UX.

Advertising & Marketing - London, UK

Contractor/Consultant/Full-time options. Advanced digital marketing and advertising experience required, social media campaigns, Google Adwords (inc. other advertising platforms), SEO, SEM, hyper-targeting, remarketing. Product advertising and brand-awareness marketing, with some offline campaigns too.

Advertising & Marketing Manager - London or Essex, UK

Marketing and advertising management experience required (mainly digital), social media campaigns, Google Adwords (inc. other advertising platforms) and an understanding of UX and analytics.

  • Position Filled